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This is a bit of a placeholder website and there's really nothing here... YET.

I will be releasing my first book in 2022!

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meet the author

LJ Conrad is an author of speculative, historical, SFF and queer fiction and their first book will be coming out in 2022. Currently living in the south of England with their platonic partner and some rescue rats, they enjoy a vegan lifestyle. Aromantic, asexual and agender, their pronouns are they/them and their title is Mx. They have a First Class BA in Creative and Professional Writing and they won the Michael Parnell Prize for best piece of creative writing from the University of Glamorgan (now USW). They also do some freelance work as a copy editor. To keep up to date, please check out their social media.

Upcoming Projects

Here are the current WIP that will hopefully be released in the next couple of years:

  • Comic urban fantasy/elfpunk detective story (series)

  • Speculative story (stand-alone)

  • Post-apocalyptic science fantasy (trilogy)

  • Fantasy story (trilogy)

  • Superhero romance (duology)

  • Low fantasy/speculative story 

  • Historical crime set in the 1940s (trilogy)

  • Atomicpunk spy-fi set in the 1960s

  • Coming-of-age prose/graphic novel hybrid set in 2000

  • Historical romance set in the 1970s (stand-alone)

  • Speculative LGBTQ+ story set in the 2000s (stand-alone)


I am available to hire for copy-editing and proofreading. I'm only just starting out so my rates are very low. I charge £3 for every 1000 words you want copy-edited and if you want a proofread after you have made changes, then for the second reading I only charge £1.50 per 1000 words. (I always round up to the next 1000 e.g. 1400 words would count as 2000 words.)

I have a First Class BA in Creative and Professional Writing from the University of Glamorgan (now USW) as well as fifteen years experience as a writer.

So far I have copy-edited Rebirth Of The Mage (Three Crowns Book 2) by David Heyman and The Spear Of Irinden (Three Crowns Book 3) by David Heyman.

If you would like to discuss a project, please send me a message.

Keep Up To Date

This is where the mailing list will go when I get around to setting it up.

In the meantime, check out my socials!

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